Frequently asked questions

How to measure your horse?

All horses come in different shapes and sizes and here at The Bridle Company we understand that.


Headpieces – we like the buckles to be level with the horses eye, so a simple measurement taken from the eye on one side over the top of the head where a normal bridle would sit to the other eye , then add on a couple of more cm to allow for the leather to come out the buckle.


Throat lash – The buckles on our bridles all meet at eye level, for the throat lash you will need the measurement from the side of you horses eye around where the throat last goes ( usually allowing enough room for a fist) round to the other side of your horses eye.


Noseband  - The nose band should sit roughly half an inch from the bottom of the facial crest bone    (some call it the cheek bone)  The noseband should allow for a finger or thumb to fit between the horses face and the nose band.  The buckle of the nose band should again meet at the horse’s eye into the head piece.  The upstand of the noseband ( the bit of leather with the buckle on) should sit 1 or 2 cm back from the facial crest (facial cheek bone)  if you do not have a nose band to work from you can email us the measurements from the middle of your horses nose to 1cm behind/past facial crest.


Cheek Piece – the measurement from the ring of your bit to the eye level where the buckle will meet the head piece.


Brow band – This is the measurement from the back edge of the horse’s ear, around his forehead, to the back edge of his other ear. You should be able to fit a finger between the browband and the horses face.


Natural Leather bridle parts may stretch very slightly over time with use and conditioning.

Do you accept exchanges?

Of course you can exchange an item, as long as you return the item in the same new condition you received  it and  in the original packaging. We will be happy to exchange it for a different size.

How do I clean or take care of leather products?

All leather is a natural product and although the leather from The Bridal Company is soft , it is still a good idea to use a good leather oil or leather feed initially.

After use we recommend you clean and leather feed/grease the leather item. Sweat off a horse can dry our leather.

How do you care for browbands?

Browbands can be very special and sparkly and we want to help you keep it that way. Please treat them with care to help give them  a long life.

Browbands can be delicate and should never be bent the opposite way in which is is made as this can cause the holder for each crystal to bend or be damaged.

Please don’t allow your horse to scratch its head with the browband against a wall or the stable etc.

To clean we ask just to use a damp cloth to wipe over the crystals followed by a soft dry cloth to absorb any moisture.

We ask that you are carful with “sprays” especially fly spray as some contain active ingredients that can damage the leather / product.